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About the Firm

BlueBerryStartup,  is a premier pet walk care service solutions organization.  Providing dog walks, visits, overnight stays and provides any advice, counsel, or help services and solutions for you, your family and your loved pets.  

What makes BlueBerryStartup such a a powerful platform?.

It is our technology, quality assurance, care, attention to detail that makes BlueBerryStartup empowering the next generation of Pet Lovers. Those family’s that embrace the new technology culture are provided exceptional customer focus and get wonderful advice and help.

That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the family of your loved pet and working with the best pet professionals who are focused on serving you the loved pet family.   

Take your family pet experience and solutions to the next level with those pet professionals who are good and provide exceptional support and value to you and your family. Get wonderful guides on pet food, health care, toys, exercise and so much more.

Blueberrystartup Team

Mitchell Chadrow

Mitchell Chadrow, is the President of VirtualCash, Inc. owner of Blueberrystartup.   
Blueberrystartup helps consumers, pet owners with their pet care needs, along with guides, newsletters, ebooks and discounts on medical care, toys, food for your pets.  entrepreneurs.  All professional walkers are independent and vetted. 

Mitchell Chadrow has signed up with Wag Labs Inc.

Mitchell also has three dogs and a cat.

Blueberrystartup., is a premier petcare service solution company that provides several different kinds of petcare solutions and options.  From day and weekly dog walks, drop-in visits, daycare and overnight sitting and boarding, estate planning for pets,  estate administration, living wills, power of attorney, discounts for pet care on medical, food, toys, equipment, newsletter, ebooks, guides, articles we cover it. We provide exceptional service and support with a team of professional walkers and pet professional team.  

At Blueberrystartup we are a petcare services company that empowers our clients. We empower our customers with education, training and keep you up to date with the latest in pet care services and solutions.  It is our job to keep you informed about pet care services, your pet and how it applies to you and your family. 

Mitchell Chadrow, Esq. is the President of VirtualCash, Inc., established in 1996.  Vetted, background checked and premium insurance provided by Wag Labs Inc. As a leading Pet Care Solutions Company,  experience and personal relationships to get results for all Blueberrystartup’s pet family’s.  The team are a group of talented and hard working pet care professionals who never stop trying to bring another happy family pet to the blueberrystartup community.  
There are so many pet care websites available for the public to learn more about the pet care industry.  At  Blueberrystartup we provide several resources, pet guides and educational materials that helps you and your family in all things pet care solutions for life. Connect with me on all social media!

Pet Care Professionals

Blueberrystartup – Fresh Entrepreneurial Pet Care Professionals, new pet care soluion professional services.

Pet care Professionals on call

Accomplished outside pet care professionals for you and your family.  The outside pet care professionals we work with have advanced degrees, skill sets and experiences. Each outside pet care professional is hand picked for their background.  Some have handled professional careers, advanced degrees, both as pet care professionals as well as caring for their own pets.   Some have worked for or with top flight companies in various industries, with a excellent track record for care and support. 


Blueberrystartup –
Outside paraprofessional’s are the pet care solution legal service professionals that make all the difference for clients choosing our Blueberrystartup Team.

Pet care support staff

The outside pet care support staff are part of the Blueberrystartup Team.

Pet Care tech reviewers

Blueberrystartup –
Outside pet care tech reviewers provide the company and their clients pet care service solutions for life that make the difference in choosing the Blueberrystartup Team.